It seems that Rust’s arrival on consoles is very close

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After a delay of many months, it seems that the arrival of the console version of Rust is very close now that the game has been evaluated by the ESRB.

Double Eleven, the developers of Rusthad announced that the game, currently available on PC and which over time has become one of the most present titles on Twitch and YouTube, would have a console version, and we are talking about an announcement dating back to the X019 event which dates back to the end of 2019.

Since then, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Rust have not been discussed anymore, despite Double Eleven having announced that the game would arrive in 2020. Apparently, however, it is not much longer than the arrival of the game on consoles.

A list on the website of the Entertainment Software Rating Board, the body that deals with the classification of video games, revealed that Rust received a Mature (M) rating confirming that the game will arrive on PS4, Xbox One and also for next-generation consolesnamely PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

The product sheet states:

This is a first person multiplayer survival game where players compete to survive in a hostile environment.

Players explore the open-world environment, gather resources, craft weapons (eg spears, machine guns, explosives) and defend themselves from wild animals and other players. Players can attack and kill enemies in fast-paced combat, with successful hits that produce large splashes of blood.

We therefore await new official information from Double Eleven now, but players waiting to play Rust will probably not have to wait much longer.

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