It Takes Two returns to show itself in the exciting Story Trailer

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Less than three weeks after launch, EA and Hazelight Studios have released a new trailer that delves into the story behind the amazing co-op world of It Takes Two.

Cody and May, on the verge of divorce, are transformed by a spell into dolls of their daughter Rose, entering a world full of unpredictability and intense moments, which exist solely as a result of their broken relationship. Players will work their way through unique metaphorical experiences: Cody, for example, will discover that his greenhouse has been destroyed as a result of his abandonment of his passions, and May will fight against giant chess pieces.

It Takes Two will guide players through gleefully disruptive challenges and adventures that will force Cody and May to overcome their differences as they work together to find their beloved daughter. With a diverse cast of quirky yet endearing characters to help them along the way, the joining of forces will lead to an incredible journey of cooperation that will test their harmony.

Available now for pre-order, It Takes Two will be available in physical and digital stores from March 26, 2021 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Origin and Steam for € 39.99. All players who purchase the title for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will be able to upgrade to the new generation the same day for free.

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