It Takes Two – The new co-op adventure from the creators of A Way Out has arrived

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Today BAFTA winner Hazelight Studios and Electronic Arts launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC via Origin and Steam It Takes Two, a purely cooperative experience that offers a cross-genre adventure. Featuring extraordinarily varied gameplay that seamlessly intertwines with the storytelling, which GameRant has defined as the “genius of cooperative play,” It Takes Two raises the bar in cooperative innovation and allows players to experience an exciting ride, to be enjoyed. comfortably on the sofa or online with a friend. Described by Game Informer as “a smash hit” and “one of the best video games of the year”, It Takes Two takes players on a wild path as Cody and May, a struggling couple who must learn to work together to overcome differences and escape the fantasy world she is trapped in.

“This is a real game changer – an unprecedented novelty in the co-op genre,” said Josef Fares, Founder and Game Director of Hazelight Studios. “There will be times when the title will amuse you, others when it will thrill you and others when the frenzy of the gameplay will be such that you will accelerate your pulse. We can’t wait to hear what the fans think ”.

“Hazelight goes beyond innovation: game creators are true revolutionaries in the approach to creating video games, and they build experiences that bring players together in an original way,” said Steve Pointon, SVP 3rd Party Content & Development at Electronic Arts. “They are in every sense electronic artists, and we are honored to have supported them in their inspiring vision for It Takes Two, an action adventure that intimately blends humor, heart and gameplay into an unprecedented cooperative experience.”

Players will be able to untangle the complicated web in which Cody and May are trapped by a spell that has turned them into dolls, encountering fun challenges around every corner. The unpredictable nature of the various levels will lead players to face a unique metaphorical game experience that tells the universality of relationships: Cody and May must work together to save their marriage, on the verge of divorce. Whether it’s a vacuum cleaner on the loose, a suave love guru with many ideas, or a nightclub desperate for a DJ, obstacles will arise everywhere, resulting in hilarious and heartfelt moments.

It Takes Two, which has scored at least 90 points in over 50 reviews, offers players great quality, as it comes with the Friends Pass *, through which you can invite a friend to join for free. Players can also experience the entire first level of the game with the free trial of the Friends Pass **, available for download separately from the main title. At the end of the trial period, therefore, only one player will need to purchase the full title to continue playing. It Takes Two is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC via Origin and Steam for € 39.99. EA Play members can get It Takes Two for a lower price with a 10% discount on all digital purchases. EA Play Pro members will get access to the full title on launch day.

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