It’s official: Sony closes (almost) entirely the production of PS4, we only think about PS5

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Sony’s thoughts are evidently screened exclusively on PlayStation 5the new and much desired flagship console of the Japanese giant that was launched last November in many countries around the world.

PS5 is nowhere to be found? As gamers around the world await news of the availability of new units, with GameStop’s D3 and other chains awaiting confirmation, there is certainly good news regarding the future of the Sony console.

The news comes from GameWatchwhich has collected the testimonies from Japan of many retailers, who accused the lack of new PS4 orders, and which have been officially confirmed: the Japanese company has decided to (almost) completely end the production of PlayStation 4.


The site has in fact received an official note from Sony, in which the electronics giant announced that the rumors that have spread in recent days are actually true: the production of PlayStation 4 Fat and PlayStation 4 Pro has been completely discontinuedwhich means that a large part of Sony’s seventh generation has officially reached the end of the production cycle.

The decision, as you can see, also includes PS4 Pro, and therefore Sony puts an end to the production of the mid-gen console after only 4 years from its release.

For the moment, however, Sony has not put a stone on the entire PS4 generation: it remains out of the provision in fact the PlayStation 4 Slim model with 500 GB internal memory, a choice probably obligatory for the company considering that the console still sells a lot and therefore it is necessary to keep the dealers supplied. The model in question will therefore still remain in production, although we do not know for how long.

Everything you have read currently refers only to the Japanese market, but we do not struggle to think that even in the rest of the world PS5 is preparing to replace the previous model in the production chains. The new console, in addition to being highly desired, is in fact also backward compatible with the entire PS4 library, with Sony obviously intending to push the new console by convincing users to make the generational leap even with this decision.

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