It’s the decisive week for Anthem Next, in a few days EA will decide its fate

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We have known for a long time now that BioWare is working on a total renovation of Anthemwhose code name should be Anthem Nextto try to revive the failed game released in the spring of 2019. That doesn’t mean that the “new” Anthem will finally see the light of day, and apparently the definitive answer to that question will arrive this week.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Electronic Arts will be holding a meeting this week to determine if BioWare should continue working on the new version of Anthem, or if the studio will have to reorganize and redistribute working energies on Dragon Age 4 and the upcoming Mass Effect already announced. If so, Anthem would be officially canceled.

You will certainly remember the strange case of Anthem, a multiplayer game signed by BioWare that was launched in February 2019, satisfying critics and audiences. After disappointing sales and support that never really got off the ground, BioWare put together a small team to reorganize the looter shooter and think about how to rebuild Anthem from the ground up, which producer Christian Dailey admitted to all players asking for patience. and admitting that the studio was creating something very different. Among the most recent rumors, there was also talk of a possible battle royale mode and PvP multiplayer.

In recent months, however, there has been a heavy shock at the production level: Dailey has abandoned the Anthem team, and the project that until recently seemed well underway is now one step away from possible cancellation.

This week, EA executives will review the latest version of Anthem Next and decide whether to expand the team or abandon the project – this is what some sources inside BioWare who have confided in Jason Schreier reported.

The Anthem Next team includes about 30 people, BioWare said last year, but that is not enough workforce: according to team members, it would take at least triple the productive effort to be able to make Anthem Next in its entirety and actively support the game. At this moment, however, EA is not yet sure to leave the field free to BioWare, and this will be the decisive week for the project.

Schreier is not unbalanced, perhaps a sign of the fact that even in BioWare the team has no idea how the long-awaited meeting could go. In short, in not many hours, we will know if Anthem will continue its journey or if it will prove to be one of the greatest failures in the history of video games.

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