Jak & Daxter 4 is always in Naughty Dog’s thoughts, but it is unlikely to arrive

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But in short, this Jak & Daxter 4, will it arrive on our screens? Although Naughty Dog is very open to the idea of ​​reviving the unforgettable series, the concrete possibilities are currently almost nil.

Naughty Dog, first party software house from Sony, has risen to prominence in recent years for her work on the Uncharted and The Last of Us franchises, but longtime fans of the studio have continued to harbor hope that someday the developer will seek to return to her roots to take care of the series. Jak and Daxter.

It is news a few months ago that Naughty Dog has cherished and still continues to do so the idea of ​​returning to explore Jak’s narrative universe, with a possible fourth chapter that could bring back the beloved characters of the PS2 era. .

Despite the hopes of many fans, however, Naughty Dog officials have now explained why the studio is unlikely to actually return to work on the franchise.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Naughty Dog co-chairs Evan Wells and Neil Druckmann have talked about the idea of ​​returning to some of the properties the studio worked on years ago. While both executives acknowledged that they still have a lot of love for studio properties from the past, the reason they haven’t created new chapters with these franchises simply boils down to time constraints. “If we had infinite resources and time it would be super fun to do it. Look what Insomniac is doing with Ratchet and Clank and it’s exciting. It’s great to see that stuff “Wells said of the idea of ​​potentially creating another game in the Jak series.

Druckmann echoed Wells, stating that the idea of ​​returning to some of Naughty Dog’s older properties is something that has been considered in the past. “Once we’re done with a project, we spend a lot of time having fun in all sorts of different directions, whether it’s something new or going back to some old franchise. We really take our time, and if you were to see our concept art folders you would see unused concepts that are across the range “Druckmann explained. “Then we look at everything and ask ourselves what excites us? What is something that will challenge us and push us, and push the medium to the limit of the games? Because that inspiration is so important to carry on years of production. “

In short, the dream of a Jak & Daxter 4 has been cherished on several occasions, but Naughty Dog is projected towards new stories and new ways of telling the world of video games. The two adventurers, in this sense, do not fall within the priorities of the study, unfortunately.

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