Jason Schreier lashes out against Amazon: “They are capable of doing everything, except video games”

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Amazon dominates unchallenged in sales and in many other fields, except for one: video games. A conclusion to which she arrived Jason Schreierfrom Bloombergin the course of his latest report, in which he strongly accuses a key figure of the Amazon Game Studios for the failure of recent productions.

If you follow the world of video games, you will certainly know that Amazon has for years announced that it wants to break into the video game market with a leading role, developing new IPs. After some canceled projects, the disastrous one opened the dance in 2020 Cruciblea hero shooter who a few days after its release was “demoted” to the status of closed beta to balance the experience, this before the decision in some sensational ways: the game was brutally canceled.

In the coming months it will then be the turn, unless there are delays, of New World, an MMO we recently told you about thanks to the interview with the Italian community manager of the game. The situation, however, is not rosy, according to Schreier, and everything would be attributable to the figure of Mike Frazzini.

Frazzini is the absolute leader of the Amazon Game Studioswho is however described as a figure extremely little appreciated by employees and who does not have a precise idea of ​​video game development and what to propose, an issue that is leading the colossus of Jeff Bezos to make a heavy fool in the field of entertainment videogame.

Dozens of employees have had the opportunity to speak to Schreier, and none of them seem to have positive words for Amazon’s division of video game development. In fact, Frazzini would not have any expertise in the development of large video game productionsand this affects the quality of work and collateral damage to Amazon, which in 2020, for example, found itself in the most total embarrassment for the aforementioned Crucible issue.

According to the report, Frazzini not only does not have the skills that justify his involvement in such a high position of Amazon Game Studios, but also rejects the suggestions of some very experienced employees in the sector, also becoming the protagonist of some situations defined as embarrassing during meetings with employees. Frazzini’s tendency, which often confuses developers, is in fact to analyze the sales rankings of video games to then push the AGS developers to limit themselves to the most popular genres. A series of choices that are destroying the creativity of Amazon studios from within, forced to work on projects that are constantly evolving and that do not reflect the will of the developers.

Again in the report, reference is made to many employees who, as soon as they understood Frazzini’s role and his unfamiliarity with the medium, resigned, forcing the AGS to continually change. Also, we talk about many games developed just to follow the current trendand who never go beyond a certain threshold again because of the division boss – once again the thought goes to Crucible, a disastrous flop that will be remembered for many years.

Amazon has not yet responded to Schreier’s report.

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