Jason Schreier still talks about the (alleged) cancellation of Days Gone 2

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Jason Schreier back to talk about his recent report and the alleged cancellation of Days Gone 2this time pointing the finger at the community.

On Friday, the reporter from Bloomberg has published a long report in which he talks about the new philosophy of PlayStation Studios for the next few years, with the big franchises that will be more exploited at the expense of minor productions (the example of Dreams was given) or of IPs that have not had a great success.

They range from a new Uncharted for PS5 to remake of The Last of Us that would be in the works at Naughty Dog, in addition to the news that has caused the most discussion: Sony’s failure to confirm a Days Gone sequel. We also talked about it in our Sunday news.

To the not quite comforting words of Jeff Rossgame director of Days Gone, who in the weekend just ended has limited himself to saying that he cannot confirm or deny the development of the sequel in any way, once again the statements of Schreier, who a few hours ago returned to the subject .

Commenting on his report and its effects on Twitter, Schreier says he is sorry that Days Gone fans are doing everything to deny the news recently received and discredit the journalist. Schreier then reiterates once again that, again according to his sources, Sony Bend had already proposed in 2019 the concept for Days Gone 2however, rejected by Sony after the poor performance of the first game – especially for development costs.

One of the most unpleasant things about dealing with video games is how gamers will jump through hoops to deny news they don’t like, from No Man’s Sky delays to working conditions in their favorite studios. However, Days Gone 2 was rejected in 2019 and is not in development at Sony Bend.

As we also recalled on Friday when the news was published, Schreier’s report is certainly not an official confirmation, but he is a decidedly authoritative journalist on the scene.

According to his report, Sony Bend is currently working on an unprecedented IP, and would also have joined Naughty Dog in the development of a multiplayer game – possibly related to The Last of Us: Part II.

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