Jedi Survivor: new patch available, here’s what changes

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has finally reached the physical and digital shelves (along with its slight weight). However, recent reviews have shown that the title, undoubtedly improved in every aspect compared to its predecessor, suffers from various technical problems, which often reduce the complete enjoyment of the game.

Just to try to better optimize their latest effort, the boys of Respawn Entertainment have recently released a new update on PC and console (following last week’s one) designed to fix bugs but also to stabilize the game code, so as to make it more performing.

The new update brings the game to version 1.05 and intervenes more on the caching of the contents, in order to significantly improve the frame rate of the game. In addition to this, the developers have acted on a graphic optimization in the absence of ray tracing and obviously the ever-present correction of bugs and glitches. Here you can find the complete changelog.

Respawn has again recalled that this is only the second in a series of corrective patches that will arrive in the coming weeks. The software house has also reiterated in recent days that it is also working on other projects in the Star Wars franchise.

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