Jesus faces evil demons in the first I Am Jesus Christ gameplay

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It’s all true, and if you’ve been following this curious SimulaM video game for some time, you’ll also understand what we’re talking about. I Am Jesus Christ it is shown in first gameplaywhere the Messiah is unleashed against the demonic forces.

I play of SimulaM I Am Jesus Christwhich will be launched on PC in the course of 2021, has obviously aroused much stir among the press and the public a because of its rather unique nature. We are also confident that controversial reactions will continue to come after launch. Meanwhile, the developers revealed a new gameplay video today.

The video shows an extensive look at the game mechanics, including the map, missions, different mini-games needed to perform miracles, cutscenes, and even battles against evil demons who will have taken possession of the people, all this to the sound of divine attacks.

An interpretation of the story of Jesus Christ that to define curious would be an understatement, and that as we said will certainly cause discussion – and it is already doing so. The gameplay video, which you can find below, has collected 17 likes and 15 dislikes at the moment, with the players who are therefore positioned halfway between the promotion and the rejection of the game.

Here is the description of the game on Steam:

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus in this incredible first-person retelling of Christ’s story from birth to resurrection. Perform amazing miracles, interact with a cast of biblical figures, and travel the Holy Land from Jerusalem to Galilee. He becomes the Messiah in I Am Jesus Christ.

How will it go on? How will it be I Am Jesus Christ? Will it turn out to be a surprise or a surprising blasphemy? We will only know when we have the game in our hands – and you can trust us: we will tell you about it.

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