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During gamescom 2021, the developers of Superbrothers showed a trailer with abundant gameplay scenes from Jett: The Far Shore. The title tells of a interstellar travel in which the protagonist, the explorer Mei, will have the task of giving hope to a people tormented by oblivion. On the occasion of the published video, the release date was also announced: the October 5, 2021. The title will be released for Playstation 5, Playstation 4 and PC at a price of € 24.99, with the possibility of having a 20% discount if you pre-order it.

Driving a spaceship called Jett, we will explore “the far shore”: this is the name of the planet that gives its name to the game. A world vast And stranger, all to be discovered whizzing along the coasts and crossing enchanting forests. Among the main features of Jett we do not find the ability to attack through weapons: this is because the focus is on movementthe speed and theexploration, while direct confrontations with enemies will be less present. The puzzles and the puzzles will instead constitute a good part of the game: various riddles will be proposed to be solved to continue throughout the story.

Best of Jett: The Far Shore you have it in open environmentswhen the spaceship has a chance to whiz and make the most of the flight mechanics that the title offers. There history represents another of Jett’s strengths: between popular beliefs and myths, the protagonist will live a unique experience of its kind. There soundtrack is perhaps the most element suggestive and engaging, characterized by music and 3D sounds, by Scntfc.

In short, Jett seems to be very promising and has attracted several gamers during the presentation of gamescom 2021, we are now waiting for the title to try it for yourself. We remember that Jett: The Far Shore will come out on October 5th for PS5, PS4 And PC at a price of € 24.99.

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