Jose Mourinho is fed up with Fortnite

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The current coach of the AS Romeand former of Inter, Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United, jokingly (but not too much) lashes out against Epic Games’ battle royale, which continues to keep its players glued to the screen.

On the social media profiles of the Capitoline company, José Mourinho was the protagonist of a nice question-and-answer on curiosities and anecdotes, which involved topics such as Italian food, Bruce Springsteen’s music and Instagram, revealing that he still had a remarkable open-mindedness praising the importance of social networks and that they are very funny.

However, there is a particular topic on which the Portuguese coach focused, not positively, on a particular video game: FortniteEpic Games’ battle royale and arguably the most talked about title in the world in recent years.

Yes, Mourinho has a problem with Fortnite, but it’s not so much for the game mechanics, the technical components, the microtransactions or anything else. No, the Roma coach has other problems on his mind: due to Epic’s battle royale, its players spend whole nights glued to the screeneven if the next day they have a game to play.

It must be said that Mourinho may have magnified the question, having answered the question with a smile anyway. It goes without saying, however, that, especially with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic last year, there have been many professional football players who have found a new “life” within Fortnite and even in Twitch streaming broadcasts, such as for example the current Barcelona forward Sergio Aguero who was one of the most followed in 2020.

Knowing the temperament of the coach, winner of two Champions League in 2004 and 2010, it cannot be ruled out that, should the situation deteriorate, Fortnite could experience hard times around Trigoria …

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