Journey to the Savage Planet doesn’t work on Stadia, but nobody cares: Google has closed the studio

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The closure of the previous philosophy of Google up Stadia begins to make its effects felt.

The curious story of Journey to the Savage Planetthe game released at the beginning of 2020 on PS4, Xbox One and PC (later also on Switch), is emblematic of the state of confusion that reigns today in the Stadia platform, on which the game has been available for a few days.

One user reported on Reddit his experience, quite traumatic, which concerns the Typhoon Studios game.

The user in question claims to have purchased Journey to the Savage Planet on Stadia a few days ago, to enjoy it through Google’s streaming platform. Of course, a not perfect version, as it has numerous bugs: one of these, the most dangerous, prevents the game from continuing beyond the initial menu. In short, the game is impossible to play.

What happens when you are faced with such a problem? Of course, the first step is to contact Stadia support to find a solution, and that’s what the user in question did. Too bad that the rest of the story is a joke.

The assistance of Stadia has indeed invited the user to contact 505 Games, the publishers of Journey to the Savage Planet, for clarification on the matter and find the solution you are looking for. The answer of 505, however, can be summarized in the phrase “I would like but I cannot”.

The assistance of 505 Games has in fact responded with a proverbial two of spades to the disappointed player, but it is good to underline that the publisher has no fault in all this and cannot move in other directions, and the reason is soon said.

Journey to the Savage Planet It was published by 505 Games in 2020, but the studio that developed it, Typhoon Studios, was acquired in 2019 by… Google! This means that the publisher has no power today over the software house, which responds only to orders given by the Mountain View giant – the Stadia version of JTTSP is in fact published under the Stadia Games and Entertainment label. Or rather, he would reply, given that the studio no longer exists.

In line with Stadia’s new policy, which will no longer have exclusive games, Google recently shut down Typhoon Studioswhich means right now there is no one who can take care of solving the problems of the game and in particular find a way to undo the most dangerous bugs, like the one that the poor user we talked about.

In short, one of the very few games published by Stadia, albeit not as an exclusive one, will not have any assistance.

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