Just Cause Mobile is shown in a new cinematic trailer

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SQUARE ENIX presented a cinematic trailer of Just Cause: Mobile during the company’s first SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS digital event (complete recap here). The video also shows some of the recurring characters from the Just Cause series who will also appear in this mobile title. Just Cause: Mobile is in development and is expected to launch worldwide later this year.

Just Cause: Mobile expand the universe of the series by bringing the explosive action of Just Cause into your hands with both single-player and multiplayer experiences. You will be able to grapple, glide and shoot wherever you are, all from a fantastic isometric view. Enjoy in-game cutscenes and voiced characters as you customize your agent and join the ranks of Firebrand, a special division of the celebrated Agency. Your mission will be to stop a new group of mercenaries known by the name of Darkwater. Darkwater is a group of ex-military from the Black Hand from overseas who now pose a major threat to the Agency around the world. During your first day in the Firebrands, your base will suffer a brutal attack, one you usually can’t escape from. Firebrand leader Carmen Padrón orders you to investigate the Darkwater mercenary group and track down allies who will help you on your mission, such as Rico Rodriguez, a former member of the Agency.

Throughout the campaign, you will meet recurring characters from the Just Cause series who will give you important information about the enemy and help you with various missions. Team up with veteran mercenaries like Annika and Teo from Just Cause 3 and track down legendary Agency member Rico Rodriguez.

The Just Cause: Mobile campaign will take place in three huge open-world locations. Track down the Darkwaters and annihilate them with a large arsenal of weapons, vehicles and gadgets! Expand and upgrade your gear as you progress through the story, multiplayer and challenge modes.

Just Cause: Mobile will be available for free on Android and iOS in 2021.

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