Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross – Now it’s official: the story will end on Monday, May 31

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The Japanese Twitter profile of Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross officially confirmed that the game’s story will end on Monday, May 31, with the final update of the story of the Dandelions.

Square Enix had already announced a few months ago that the mobile game of the Kingdom Hearts series would close its doors in June, and now let’s find out some more details.

The latest update of the story mode, in particular, will be available Monday 31 May 3:00 pm Tokyo time, or if you prefer 8:00 in the morning in Italy.

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There are therefore less than 72 hours to the conclusion of the plot of Kingdom Hearts: Union Crossa mobile game that has been accompanying the players of the series for more than 5 years and whose events will certainly have heavy repercussions on what will be the story of Sora and the future saga, as already demonstrated within Kingdom Hearts III and the recent spin-off Melody of Memory.

The official Twitter account also previews three images of the final update. While the first resumes where the last update had ended, with Skuld, Ephemer and the protagonist still trapped in the digital Auropolis, the other two images are much more interesting and apocalyptic.

We can indeed glimpse the world of Auropolis being slowly destroyed by a giant dark sphere, already seen in the past in other chapters of the series – is the same that destroyed the Isles of Destiny in Kingdom Hearts; in the third and last image, then, we observe abandoned in what seems to be a boundless sea, the few remains of the Ark used to move into the future.

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