Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross – Server closure postponed, the ending will be divided into two parts

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Square Enix has announced a slight change in the roadmap of Kingdom Hearts: Union Crossthe mobile game of the saga in collaboration with Disney now close to closure.

As you may know, Square Enix unveiled in February that Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χnow known as Union Cross, would greet fans starting in late May, with the final story update scheduled for April and the consequent termination of service.

The company has instead decided to adjust the timesperhaps to allow Tetsuya Nomura to have a few more weeks to close the story of a remarkably complex product that will have its repercussions on the future of the saga.

The plan was in fact to release the latest update of the story on the occasion of April 30 and bring the app in offline mode, leaving only the player customization and the theater mode to review the movies.

Square Enix has instead decided to change the timing, and to divide the ending into two parts. As a result, the end of service and the release of offline mode will be postponed to June 17, 2021. Details regarding the remaining story updates will be announced at a later time, but we can assume that the next update may not arrive on April 30 as planned. .

As for the other events, Union Cross PvP will end on May 28th; the last Raid event will take place the next day, followed by the closing of the weekly missions on May 30th.

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As for Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road, however, no additional PvE sessions will be held in addition to the one already in progress, which will end on April 25th. Even the spin-off, therefore, will cease its activity very soon, although other updates of the story are planned – also offline.

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