Knockout City, over a million downloads for the beta

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Electronic Arts has published the results of the beta of Knockout Citya new sports game that has attracted considerable interest: in just one weekend, the beta was downloaded more than a million times.

Here are the results in the press release released by EA.

This past weekend, players from around the world gathered to play Knockout City, the upcoming dodgeball-inspired multiplayer action title. The cross-play beta allowed friends to play together, kicking into action before launch on May 21… and they got really involved!

With over 1 million downloads, more than 116 million minutes played and 93.7 million minutes watched on Twitch, we can confidently say that our players have made the most of the opportunity to master the art of throwing, catching, pass and dodge the ball, and they clearly had a lot of fun.

Further insights have been gathered in the attached infographic, and in case you missed this trial opportunity, access to another free trial will be possible when Knockout City launches on May 21st. The free trial will be available for a limited time on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC on Origin, Steam and Epic Games Store and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S via backwards compatibility, during which time the game will be available to play. business suit.

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