Kojima-Xbox agreement, according to a report the partnership has begun

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It is not the first time you have read a rumor of this type on our pages, but this time the report comes from the authoritative GamesBeat: the agreement between Hideo Kojima and Xbox it would take an important step forward.

According to the new report, Hideo Kojimafounder and head of Kojima Productions, signed a letter of intent with Microsoft as the first step of an agreement that would see the next project of the legendary designer and father of Metal Gear and Death Stranding published by Xbox.

Neither side has so far commented on the news or publicly announced any ongoing discussions, of course, but this signature indicates that things are moving forward. The next step is for the lawyers on both sides to negotiate the details and work out the specifications.

The report also revealed that Kim Swift, a veteran game designer who has worked on Portal, Left 4 Dead and other projects, has teamed up with Microsoft specifically to help Kojima bring his next idea to life, which, according to recent rumors, will focus on cloud gaming technology. In fact, Swift’s choice may not be random, given its experience for cloud titles on Stadia; Kojima himself had also shared in the past his desire to explore the world of the cloud for his next project.

No details, however, regarding the nature of the game, as it should be noted that the agreement between Kojima and Xbox it does not represent an acquisition of Kojima Productions which then may continue to work with other publishers on other projects. In this sense, it would not be surprising an announcement, perhaps not very close in time, of Death Stranding 2, a game with which Sony was evidently satisfied having also planned a Director’s Cut announced a few weeks ago.

Some insiders also suggested that the mysterious Xbox project would be in the form of episodes, a structure that Sony would not have liked. Precisely for this reason Kojima Productions would have looked for a new publisher to collaborate with.

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