Left 4 Dead 3: a new clue appears in the Counter-Strike 2 files

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Valve in recent days is undoubtedly on the crest of the wave. In fact, after the registration of the trademarks relating to CS: GO and the official announcement of Counter-Strike 2, Gabe Newell’s company has recently returned to being talked about thanks to the appearance of a reference dedicated to another beloved IP.

A Reddit user has in fact reported that, within the Counter-Strike 2 game files, a reference appears (not too veiled) relating to Left 4 Dead 3.

Left 4 Dead 3 spotted in CS2 files!
by u/PaP3s in Steam

Although obviously this represents a rumor in all respects, it must be said that lately the third chapter of the saga is mentioned quite often, a sign that probably something at Valve is boiling. Of course, the mention in the game files can mean anything, such as the use of some assets for CS:GO 2 or a typo in the development codes.

There is therefore nothing left to do but take these rumors as such and wait for updates from Valve, hoping that sooner or later it will also confirm the existence of this highly anticipated new chapter.

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