Lost Judgment returns to show itself in more than an hour of gameplay

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Lost Judgment, the second chapter of the spin-off saga of the Yakuza series, has recently returned to the spotlight thanks to four gameplay videos published on the YouTube channel of the Japanese magazine Famitsu. In these gameplays it is possible to take a closer look at most of the game mechanicsfrom street fights to minigames that have always distinguished the Yakuza saga (and consequently also its spin-offs).

The following three videos are actually extracted from a live that was held right on the Famitsu YouTube channel, and despite being completely in Japanese, it is still possible to appreciate the gameplay and the new graphics of this new chapter.

In the first part of the first video extracted from the live much emphasis is placed on combat, certainly one of the most appreciated features of the previous Judgment. In particular it seems that it was just one to be shown main mission since there are also kinematics between one fight and another. Furthermore it would seem that, in addition to the graphics, also the animations of the various characters have improved compared to Judgment, although it is still possible to notice some inaccurate collisions and a couple of animations not completely finished. All things, however, that developers can safely fix until the game is released.

In the second part of the gameplay, however, space is given to the exploration of the city and the investigative sector of the game. In fact it is important to remember that Takayuki Yagamithe protagonist of this spin-off, is a private investigator by profession, so in the game a lot of importance will also be given to this component of the gameplay as well as to street fights.

In the second video, however, the dancer’s skills investigator Yagami through a mini-game with a rhythm game in which it is necessary to coordinate in such a way as to press the indicated keys at the right time, so as to perform more stylish moves, increase the combo indicator and consequently score more points.

As it was also in Judgment, this will be none other than a simple secondary activityhowever, it remains one of the most popular minigames of the entire Yakuza saga, consequently the developers could not help but insert it also in the second chapter of its spin-off series.

In the third and final gameplay video, another secondary activity is shown, this time focused on boxing. Apparently, in fact, by going to the gyms scattered around the city it will be possible to join a kind of boxing club where you can face various opponents in regular boxing matches.

The minigame, even if defining it that way is an understatement, seems to be a lot funny and enough too deepsince it provides the player with a whole series of commands with which to chain jabs, hooks and uppercuts, a system of parries and dodges, and also a special bar that, once filled, is capable of making attacks even more powerful.

With Lost Judgment it looks like Ryu ga Gotoku Studio has hit the mark again, and after these further gameplay videos we almost feel we can say it with certainty, even if the game deserves in any case to be thoroughly tested in each of its many and very interesting mechanics before being able to express any judgment.

We remember that Lost Judgment will be released on September 24, 2021 on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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