Lucasfilm and Ubisoft together for a new open world of Star Wars!

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IS Wired to make the announcement, in a period very full of news for Lucasfilm: Disney’s division stands working with Ubisoft to the realization of a new open world set in the Star Wars universe!

The news comes a few hours after another surprising announcement, that of the collaboration of Bethesda and Lucasfilm for a new video game adventure of Indiana Jones. Find all the details here.

Regarding the new announcement, Lucasfilm Games, the new Lucasfilm label that will take care of the creative control of the video games taken from the franchises in its possession, has revealed that it has started a partnership with Ubisoft to create a Star Wars open world game.

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The title will be developed by Massive Entertainmentthe creators of The Division and The Division 2, and will officially mark the end of the exclusive relationship signed by Disney with Electronic Arts 8 years ago.

Julian Gerighty, former director of The Division 2 and The Crew, will direct the new Star Wars game, which will run on Massive Entertainment’s already proven Snowdrop engine – which with Disney is also working on the creation of a game from the franchise. Avatar, but at the moment the game seems to be on standby given the stop of the cinema releases.

Unfortunately, at the moment Lucasfilm Games hasn’t revealed anything about the characters or settings within the universe Star Wars that the game will present, and not even what the historical period will be faced. The project, in any case, as you remember Wiredit’s still early in its conception, and so we probably won’t hear about it for at least a few years.

We also don’t know if Ubisoft’s new open world will follow the structure of the two games in the The Division seriesset if you remember well as an open world RPG shooter based on loot and on the repetition of activities to increase your score, a structure that has also been taken up by many other titles.

Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot commented on the announcement of the new game:

The Star Wars galaxy is a tremendous source of motivation for our teams to innovate and push the boundaries of our medium. Build new worlds, characters and stories that will become lasting parts of the tradition of Star Wars it’s an incredible opportunity for us, and we’re thrilled to have our Ubisoft Massive studio working closely with Lucasfilm Games to create an original Star Wars adventure unlike anything we’ve done before.

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