Many developers think Steam’s 30% profit on games is too much

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A survey conducted on over 3000 professionals of the video game industry suggests that most developers think the 30% share of revenue that Steam requires for publishing titles is excessive.

It is not the first time that Gabe Newell’s store ends up at the center of this discussion, especially after new competitors have come forward in recent years offering more profitable solutions for developers.

Steam is the largest distribution platform on PC, challenged only by the Epic Games Store and GOG, but it seems developers selling their titles through the service don’t believe Valve’s 30% is a fair share.

In a survey of over 3,000 gaming industry professionals through GDC, only 3% of attendees said it’s fair for stores like Steam and GOG to take 30% of their revenuea very small number.

43% of the answers suggest that a 10% or 15% share is more justifiable, but there are also cases to the opposite: 3% of developers even suggest that platforms like Steam should receive a share greater than the current 30%. from the collection of video games.

Most of the survey participants of GDC they are developers from Europe and North America.

It is no coincidence that various platforms, after the discontent expressed by these developers, are doing their utmost to review their policies. After Epic Games, which is asking for a 12% stake, other companies like Google and Apple are also starting to review the charge rate required by developers to sell on their digital stores.

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