Mario Mandzukic on FIFA 21 is unwatchable (and Ibrahimovic stings EA)

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During this market session, the Milan strongly sought a weight tip with the same characteristics as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, to let the Swede catch his breath or even to make the two play as an attacking couple. Well, the decision soon arrived: the management decided to bet on Mario Mandzukic.

The former Juventus, Bayern Munich and Atlético Madrid have returned from a completely anonymous season atAl-Duhaila team of the Qatari league, with which he also terminated in the summer session of 2020. In all this, we must emphasize that the Croatian striker was not present in the FIFA database, which is why EA had to introduce him via an update after his arrival in the Rossoneri.

Too bad, however, that something went wrong: why Mario Mandzukic on FIFA 21 is really unwatchable. The image below proves it: the player has been portrayed bald and above all with a “standard” face, practically a face generated by the default CPU. It is impossible at the moment to find an explanation as to why EA has not retrieved the realistic face of the player from previous FIFAs.

Mandzukic fifa 21

As if that weren’t enough, he thought about adding the icing on the cake Zlatan Ibrahimovic, now Mandzukic’s faithful companion in leading the AC Milan attack. In fact, the Swede posted a story on Instagram in which he completely removed his hair and pigtail, with the enigmatic writing “All in”.

According to many it would be an authentic mockery, which tastes like dig at EA: everyone is well aware of the dispute between Ibrahimovic (together with the prosecutor Mino Raiola) and the manufacturer, to which the Swedish forward claims that he has never given consent for the presence of his image in the game.

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