Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Announced, Coming This Summer!

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First surprise since Nintendo Directand it’s a title fans have been asking for for a long time: the series will return Mario Strikers!

The new title of the series will be called Mario Strikers: Battle League Footballand will also offer the possibility of creating clubs online and playing with friends.

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The game will be released in the summer, obviously exclusively on Switch, more precisely from 10 June.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is a 5v5 soccer game which, of course, twists the rules of the game to make it more action-packed and chaotic. The field has an electrified perimeter and you can face opponents to shock and stun them.

Familiar Mario items like green shells can be used to attack opponents, and a special shot dubbed Hyper Strike counts for two goals if you score. Much of the equipment is designed to make it look like the characters are facing a fierce battle, but it’s more than just a show. Player stats change when you change clothes and accessories.

Battle League Football will include local co-op mode for up to eight players (four per team). The game will also have a online mode and it looks like it has more features than other Mario sports games on the Switch. In addition to normal matchmaking, you can also create and join clubs with other players.

The last game in the series dates back to 2007, when Mario Strikers: Charged Football was released on Wii.

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