Marvel’s Avengers 2021 roadmap presented, from the Cosmic Cube to Wakanda

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Finally, after so much silence, a jolt. A sudden awakening is what we witnessed this afternoon during the Square Enix Presents, a digital event dedicated to the upcoming releases of the Japanese company and the news for the titles already available (here the most succulent information, there is also the new Life if Strange: True Colors). Among these titles available there is also Marvel’s Avengers, the 2020 flop of the Japanese giant, which, however, has no intention of stopping. There Road map published by the developers is the clear demonstration: Marvel’s Avengers does not want to become the Anthem of Square Enix, but instead has a future full of news ahead of it.

Together with the official reveal of War of Wakandathe expansion dedicated to Black Panther which will be launched later in 2021 and which will also introduce new enemies including Klaw, the Marvel’s Avengers roadmap sets the next substantial events that the community can already start marking on the calendar, and which demonstrate, after the obvious initial hesitations, that Crystal Dynamics plans to make its game a great platform to pay homage to Marvel history.

Operation: Hawkeye – Future imperfect

First of all, the developers remember that from today, March 18, not only Marvel’s Avengers officially arrives on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S but it does so bringing with it the latest update dedicated to Hawk eye, new playable character along with a new area and his very personal storyline set in an alternate reality. If you’re curious, you can find more details on the update here.

Tachyon Anomaly

In spring it will come Tachyon Anomaly, the first of the new events of Marvel’s Avengers. During this event, the restriction of the heroes to be part of a team will be removed: in this way not only will we be able to have for example teams made up of just Iron Man, but also a big hand will be given to matchmaking, one of the Achilles’ heels of the early months of the game.

There will be daily and weekly missions that will give players rewards, a Tachyon mission will be added to the War Table, while other Tachyon missions will be available more frequently and scale for power levels ranging from 1-100.

Red Room

On the occasion of the release of Black Widowthe new Marvel Studios film, in May (we talk about spring in the roadmap, however the film comes out in May and therefore it would make sense) Marvel’s Avengers will dedicate new content to Black Widow, in a special event called Red Room.

There will be new missions for each hero which, when completed, will provide players with an animated Red Room tag. The real focus of the event will be the arrival of Yelena Belova, who is able to hack the HARM room to unleash a Red Room trap that captures the Avengers. The event will also be accompanied by new costumes for Black Widow.

The Cosmic Cube

It promises to be a hot summer for the Avengers, who with the event Cosmic Cube they will have a lot of trouble.

In this update, which will start from the events of Future imperfect, Monica Rappaccini is building a Cosmic Cube in the base of the Frozen Tundra, an object of extraordinary power that in the past many famous Marvel characters have tried to use. Among these there is obviously Red Skulland who knows Captain America’s nemesis isn’t ready to make an appearance.

The Cosmic Cube event will be a new sector that is described as a whole new experience for players, although sadly we have no further details on that.

Wasteland Patrol

In the summer, players will return to the Wasteland, introduced with the Hawkeye pack. There they will be able to take on a new type of War Zone mission called Patrol Mode. This has been described as a large land map where players can move from one area to another. Enemies and activities will continuously appear on the map, and there is no set objective: the player can choose what he wants to do. Furthermore, the Wasteland is divided into three areas that could be very important for the future of the game and its history: the Kree Sentinel cemetery, the ruined city and the stronghold of the SHIELD.

Crystal Dynamics then announces, without revealing too many details, that it is working on two new Omega missions. The first will be Resolution, and it will take us to battle an AIM Super Adaptoid – and players will be rewarded with Super Adaptoid gear. The second mission will be Cloning Labs, where players will be called upon to battle four Abomination clones at the end of the event.

War for Wakanda

We have already talked about the expansion dedicated to Black Panther, then we refer you to the dedicated article. Below you can also watch the reveal trailer.

As for future updates, Crystal Dynamics also announced that it is continuously working to balance and improve the gaming experience. Furthermore, there will also be among the novelties of 2021 new superhero costumes straight from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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