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Today SQUARE ENIX announced that a new update of Marvel’s Avengers is now live with a new threat to players: the Cosmic Cube by the Supreme Scientist, Monica Rappaccini.

During the events of Operation: Hawkeye – Future imperfect of Marvel’s Avengers, the Avengers have discovered the threat of a nefarious new war project by AIM and Supreme Scientist Monica Rappaccini: the Cosmic Cube. First appeared in Tales of Suspense # 79 in July 1966, this incredibly powerful object is capable of controlling the matter and energy of the universe on an unknown scale. And now it is in the hands of the mad genius of Advanced Mechanical Ideas.

It is time for players to wrest control of the Cosmic Cube from Monica in a new Enemy Sector mission available today: Against all odds. But the immense power of this weapon has made it an even greater threat and the Avengers will have to use their wits and heroic powers to defeat it solo or in teams of up to four players.

Along with the new enemy sector, the limited-time event Cosmic threat it will start on June 24th and will continue until July 8th. During the event Cosmic threat, players will have to explore the world in search of the traces of cosmic energy left by Monica’s superweapon, the Cosmic Cube. The players who will face the special missions of the event Cosmic threat and will complete the challenges Cosmic damage they will get a unique animated plaque, gear and other valuable rewards as they get closer to challenging the AIM for using the Cosmic Cube.

This new content on the Cosmic Cube will pick up on the narrative of Operation: Hawkeye – Future imperfect of Marvel’s Avengers in February, setting the stage for future releases, including the expansion of Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther – War for Wakandacoming in August.

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