Marvel’s Avengers loses pieces, the creative director leaves Crystal Dynamics

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A little more than 6 months after the release of Marvel’s Avengersthe creative director Shaun Escayg he decided to say goodbye to Crystal Dynamics to… retrace his steps.

Today’s news may not mean anything serious for Square Enix’s game based on the popular Marvel superhero group, but it’s clear that Crystal Dynamics isn’t the quietest environment ever.

Marvel’s Avengers has a future full of contents in front of it, with the developers who even a few weeks ago announced a long series of events and news coming in the next period. It will range from smaller content, such as that related to the movie Black Widowup to much more impressive expansions such as Black Panther’s Wakandawho will become a playable character.

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The game community, not particularly large but still linked to the fate of the title given the enormous intellectual property used, will not sleep soundly after today’s news, which arrives like a bolt from the blue.

Shan Escayg, creative director of Marvel’s Avengers, has in fact announced on social networks that he has greeted Crystal Dynamics, to make his return to Naughty Dog. Escayg, in fact, left the Sony software house years ago after directing Uncharted: The Lost Legacyto go to work on the new game by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix.

For Escayg, in short, it is a retracement, and who knows that the developer has not already been put to work on one of the many projects of the studio, among which we find, as rumors suggest, the remake of The Last of Us.

Marvel’s Avengers, however, less than a year after the release, finds himself without one of the reference figures of the project. Post-launch support will hardly be abandoned (remember that PlayStation will also have Spider-Man as an exclusive character), but certainly such news certifies once again that the Avengers of Crystal Dynamics have not hit the mark like those seen on the big screen.

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