Marvel’s Avengers – Spider-Man is still slated for 2021

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Despite the prolonged silence of Crystal Dynamics on the matter, the arrival of Spider-Man inside Marvel’s Avengers is still scheduled for 2021. This was stated by the developers themselves during an interview with ScreenRant.

About a year ago, just before the release of Square Enix and Marvel’s live service action, Crystal Dynamics revealed that Marvel’s Avengers PlayStation players would have an exclusive DLC character, namely Spider-Man. The announcement sparked several controversies for the exclusivity of the DLC, but all of this is obviously the result of the rights linked to the character, which are in the hands of Sony – it is no coincidence that Marvel’s Spider-Man, by Insomniac Games, is one of the best known. exclusive series from the PlayStation world.

Aside from this, no extra details about the character were provided during 2021 (the last statement dates back to March), which is why players began to think the postponement was now clear. Fortunately, you don’t have to fear.

A few days after the arrival of the free expansion of Marvel’s Avengers, namely the update War for Wakanda which will introduce Black Panther as a playable character and a lot of new content, Crystal Dynamics returns to talk about Spider-Man and confirms once again that it is working to bring the character into the game by the end of 2021, and that therefore it will not be necessary to wait too long long before we see Marvel’s most famous Wall Climbing on the title roster.

The Marvel’s Avengers senior game designer Scott Walters has confirmed that Spidey is expected to join the game this year, and that players can rest easy. “In terms of what we can say now, we have always planned and tried to release Spider-Man in 2021 for PlayStation owners. He is still on track, so we will have more announcements by the end of the year “, has Walters said. .

The decision to include Spider-Man within Marvel’s Avengers at the end of 2021 could be dictated by the arrival in theaters of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the new film from Sony and Marvel Studios with Tom Holland, Zendaya and Benedict Cumberbatch. The arrival of the film, whose trailer is still waiting today despite the many promotional products already leaked in recent weeks, it is scheduled for December 17 – except for last-minute postponements as happened a few hours ago with Venom: Carnage’s Fury.

While waiting to see Spider-Man in action in the Crystal Dynamics game, we remind you that on October 26, Square Enix will launch Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxynew action adventure game developed by Eidos Montreal.

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