Marvel’s Avengers – The Conquest of the Red Room special event is available

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SQUARE ENIX announced that the event “Conquest of the Red Room” Of Marvel’s Avengers is now available. First unveiled during SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS, the single-player event “Conquest of the Red Room” centers on a mysterious spy who hacked into the Avengers’ HARM room, turning it into a lethal crimson trap. The event “Conquest of the Red Room” it will end on May 31st.

“Conquest of the Red Room” begins nearly two weeks after players investigate the “Rooskaya Protocol”, a mysterious program that infiltrated the AIM syntoids. Protocol chips recovered from hacked AIM technologies may be the key to solving the puzzle, but whoever or whatever created the Rooskaya Protocol also corrupted the Avengers’ HARM room. Now players will have to discover encrypted messages addressed to Black Widow from an old acquaintance who hacked the HARM room, turning the training facility into a lethal trap. Threats are no longer virtual: players will have to face the deadly carnage and regain control of the HARM room.

Players who complete event-related missions with a superhero from their roster will be rewarded with valuable in-game resources and a special animated plaque that can be used by any hero.

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