Marvel’s Avengers – Two villains already seen at the cinema arrive with War of Wakanda

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Marvel’s Avengers is preparing to welcome not only Black Pantherbut also two of the most iconic villains of Captain America and the Avengers.

Crystal Dynamics has unveiled the first look at the new enemies of Marvel’s Avengers that will be introduced in War for Wakanda, the new expansion of the game released in 2020 that will bring a lot of new content including T’Challa, a new playable character.

The first villain in question, which we will most likely be able to face on various occasions as already happens with Maestro, Abominio and Taskmaster, is Brock Rumlowbetter known to the comic book public as Crossbones.

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The Crossbones version of Marvel’s Avengers, as you can see below, will differ slightly from other iterations of the character. The character of the villain remains the same, with the typical skull mask, but the weapons that the Crossbones brings with them in the video game seem to be much more technologically advanced than the comic version of Rumlow.

The Crossbones character, as well as in many animated products, also appeared on the big screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Interpreted by Frank Grillothe villain and mercenary affiliated with Hydra made his debut in Captain America: The Winter Soldierand then also return to Captain America: Civil War And Avengers: Endgame.

The second villain that is shown to us, and which will also be introduced with War for Wakanda, is instead Klawwhich Marvel comic fans also know as the Lord of Sound.

First appearing in 1966, Black Panther’s historic enemy has the power to control and manipulate sound, even turning it into solid matter.

This villain also has a recent past on the big screen. Andy Serkis in fact he played Ulysses Klaue, the real name of the character, in Avengers: Age of Ultron and finally Black Pantherwhere he represented the main threat of the film alongside Erik Killmonger.

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