Marvel’s Avengers – Where Did Spider-Man Go? The character will arrive but not anytime soon

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In Marvel’s Avengers 2021 roadmapwas not named Spider-Man. What’s happening with the character?

Last summer, a few months before the launch of the game, Square Enix and Sony announced that in the course of 2021 Spider-Man would also be added to the playable characters of Marvel’s Avengers, exclusively (absolute, non-temporal) on PS4 and PS5.

Since the release of the title we have seen the arrival of two new playable superheroes, namely Kate Bishop and the very recent Hawkeye. A few days ago, during the Square Enix Presents showcase, the full-bodied Marvel’s Avengers roadmap for 2021 was also unveiled, which will include Black Pantheran event dedicated to Cosmic Cube and other news. Here you will find the complete list.

As many have pointed out, however, Spider-Man is not on this roadmap. What is happening?

spiderman ps4 marvel's avengers

He asked for it IGN directly to the development team, with Crystal Dynamics who wanted to reassure the players without giving false hopes: Spider-Man’s arrival on the game isn’t very closeand indeed the character will certainly not join the group before Black Panther.

“I can tell you that, formally, officially, people are working on him right now”replied Scot Amos, of Crystal Dynamics. “So it’s still on our roadmap for the future”.

Clarifying that Spider-Man will definitely not arrive before the King of Wakanda, Amos reiterates however that “There are people who work on the character”and that the team still expects Spider-Man to arrive on PlayStation.

Apparently, therefore, the roadmap published in recent days does not include everything that Crystal Dynamics is working on. Peter Parker is coming to this game world, but not as soon as we hoped.

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