Marvel’s Midnight Suns is free this weekend

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns represented one of the final videogame pearls of last 2022. The title of weblog cards Firaxis it has in fact been able to satisfy critics and the public by offering a solid and fun product, as well as long-lived (even if the sales figures have not reflected these virtues much). Thanks to the many characters in the universe Marvelincluding Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Midnight Suns however, it has an absolutely first-rate hero park on its side, to which a Morbius has recently been added.

To try to attract the attention of the players, even in the face of the not too flattering sales figures, Firaxis communicated that Midnight Suns will be available for free until March 26th from all PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players.

CEO Srauss Zelnick said a Bloomberg That Midnight Suns underperformed commerciallybut hopes that the critically acclaimed Marvel title will have the same long tail that the XCOM and Civilization franchises have had.

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