McDonald’s unveils its incredible DualSense PS5 (and it will be very limited)

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Originally, at the launch of PS5there was only the classic version of DualSensewith white coloring.

Later, the new Midnight Black colors, a completely black controller, and Cosmic Red, with dark red replacing the white of the original version, also arrived.

Now, however, it’s time for a completely new and exclusive DualSense model: the McDonald’s variant.

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The Australian division of the well-known fast food chain has in fact unveiled a new (and chilling) color for the DualSense PS5 that you can see below, and which will soon be available for purchase to celebrate the 50th anniversary of McDonald’s arrival in the land of kangaroos.

We do not know if it is only a McDonald’s initiative or if this controller was born from a collaboration with PlayStation, but know that, if you are bewitched by it, you will not be able to buy it anyway.

As reported by ComicBookIn fact, McDonald’s DualSense can only be obtained by watching a series of special live streams obviously sponsored by the fast food chain, during which it will be possible to win one of the exclusive PS5 controllers.

Horrible (?) News however as regards Italy, or rather all the other countries outside the reference continent: the controller represents in fact an initiative limited exclusively to Australia.

And now tell us: what do you think of this controller? Do you regret not being able to be among those who can win it?

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