MCU costumes arrive on Marvel’s Avengers, but only for a fee (and fans protest)

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After worrying months of silence, Crystal Dynamics has recently come back to be heard regarding the support a Marvel’s Avengersthe action game released last fall and which established a heavy flop for Square Enix.

Despite sales well below expectations, the developers do not intend to lose heart, and indeed during the Square Enix Presents they unveiled the substantial roadmap of 2021.

A year full of events, which will introduce a series of big names and well-known faces in the history of the House of Ideas. In the summer for example the Cosmic Cubeone of the most well-known objects in Marvel history, will be at the center of a dedicated event, which will then act as an appetizer to the important expansion on Black Panther and Wakandawhich will become a new explorable area.

Among the novelties of 2021 there will also be many new skins, and these are the focus of numerous controversies in the last hours.

Crystal Dynamics, speaking of the event Red Room Takeover scheduled for spring and which will be made in honor of the film’s theatrical release Black Widow (which has actually been postponed…), announced that Marvel’s Avengers will also arrive some iconic costumes straight from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

An initiative that has met with the favor of the community, considering that Marvel Studios have created many costumes for the Avengers over the years, some of which are well known.

However, an initiative that generated controversy as soon as the developers clarified and specified a detail not to be overlooked: the costumes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe they cannot be unlocked via missions or as random rewards, but exclusively through microtransactions. For a fee, therefore.

This choice has, as expected, sparked the ire of many players, who still do not agree with the system adopted by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix for Marvel’s Avengers – many, for example, remind the developers that a policy of this type it would be welcome, but not in the face of a title that was sold for € 70 at launch.

Marvel’s Avengers also recently landed on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S with a dedicated version, along with the free Hawkeye update.

The developers also recalled recently that the Spider-Man character, exclusive to the PlayStation versions, is still in development, and that the hope is to launch it by the end of 2021.

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