Metal Gear Solid Remake, Sony is preparing for the announcement of the game?

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A new chapter in the long history of the rumors of the remake of Metal Gear Solidand this time it seems that Sony is having fun playing with the emotions of the players …

It is news of a few days ago, that we have reported here in detail, that Konami it would have launched a specific policy of relaunching its IPs, relying on external firms. For the saga of silent Hillfor example, two reboots of the franchise would be in development to relaunch the series, entrusted to two studies that would already be revealed by the reports of VGC.

For some time there has been talk of the possible return of Metal Gear Solid, the historic PlayStation game that is the subject of indiscretions by many insiders. According to the most recurring rumors, Konami and Sony have already agreed for some time, and the remake of the unforgettable game created by Hideo Kojima will be an exclusive PS5 developed by Bluepoint Games. Could it be true? We still don’t know, but it looks like Nicolas Doucet is preparing Solid Snake players and enthusiasts for a big announcement coming soon.

Doucet, who is one of the producers of Sony Japan Studio and the Astro series, has in fact recently changed its Twitter profile picture. A seemingly harmless news, except that the little robot that is in his profile image is now fully dressed to recall the Metal Gear Solid series.

Some users of Reddit who immediately reported the testimony, and today Doucet, one day after the “event”, has not yet changed his profile picture.

A simple tribute to Metal Gear? There seems to be something more underneath. Sony Japan Studio is a software house that, in addition to Astro’s Playroom, has recently collaborated with Bluepoint for the realization of the remake of Demon’s Souls, PS5 exclusive available since the launch of the console in November. The idea that the studio is once again collaborating with Bluepoint to restore Metal Gear Solid it’s not as baseless as it might seem, and in fact the Doucet “teaser” seems to point in this direction.

Sony is paving the way for the great announcement of the return of Solid Snake? We, waiting to know for sure, continue to hope …

Nicolas Doucet (WWS, Japan Studio) hints a Metal Gear Solid Remake from GamingLeaksAndRumours

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