Metal Gear Solid, the remake is one step away? Comes Confirmation From Snake’s Voice Actor!

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In a recent interview, David Hayteroriginal voice actor for Solid Snake in the series of Metal Gear Solidhas perhaps let slip something too much: the remake of the first historical chapter in 3D could really be reality.

The rumors of a remake of Metal Gear Solid have been chasing each other for more than a year now, and have returned to be strongly felt after the release of PlayStation 5. Sony, given the success of the return of Demon’s Souls thanks to Bluepoint Games, it would be agreed with Konami to give new life to the legendary game of Hideo Kojima, or at least that’s what the rumors suggest.

With the series away from our screens for several years now after Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – leaving out the forgettable Metal Gear Survive parenthesis -, fans are clamoring for a return in style, perhaps precisely of that first incredible chapter that set the standards for most of the subsequent three-dimensional stealth video games, bringing that innovation and amazement that Kojima has always put into his work.

In an interview on the channel YouTube Of Dan Allen Gaming, Hayter said he had heard of the possible remake of MGS, however, considering it only a rumor. This however before receive a message from a mysterious “insider” informing him that the game is really one step away from happening. Presenter Dan Allen then referred to a tweet from the official profile of the series, which we also told you about here, which actually made a lot of fans prick up their ears.

Hayter then went on to say that in case the game does and is selected to reprise the role of Solid Snake, he will certainly need to go back to the recording studio to redo all the work from scratch, as the audio tracks used on the first PlayStation and in the remake Twin Snakes for GameCube have significantly lower quality standards than today.

We just have to wait patiently once again, in the hope that the rumors are true. The remake of Metal Gear Solid could really become a reality, but for now we are not sure.

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