Metal Slug Tactics announced: the new tactical spin-off of the series!

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During the Summer Game Fest SNK announced Metal Slug Tactics, a new game in the Metal Slug saga in collaboration with DotEmu. What no one expected though, is that the game will be one turn-based strategy with roguelike elements!

Despite the big departure from the main mechanics of the series, the trailer shown during the event still managed to hit the mark. In fact, albeit with a completely different plant, the game always remains a Metal Slug, from whichever side you choose to watch it. Perhaps accomplices of this impression will be the iconic graphic style and the unmistakable ones animations that have accompanied us for 25 years now, not to mention the classic humor which has always distinguished the series.

In addition, the official description of the game mentions:

“Metal Slug Tactics brings together Marco, Eri, Fio and Tarma to lead the Peregrin Falcon squad to a new battlefield through dynamic and strategic combat. Players will wield the classic METAL SLUG paraphernalia, exploiting skill trees, perks and a super attack system to outsmart and demolish the flanks of the villains characteristic of the series “

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