Microsoft buys the creators of Dying Light? Techland denies the rumors

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Techland in Microsoft’s sights for a new acquisition? So it seems according to some insiders, but it was the software house itself that denied the news that has spread in the last few hours.

That the Redmond giant is in turmoil with regards to the gaming section is now well known. Just a few months ago, Microsoft completed a multibillion-dollar acquisition taking home Zenimax Media and Bethesda, along with their massive IP portfolio including Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein and many more. However, according to insiders and analysts, Phil Spencer has no intention of stopping.

Today, for example, youtuber and insider Jeremy Panter, supported by another well-known rumor user such as Shpeshal Ed, said that Techland would be the next major acquisition of Microsoft, which will be completed in 2021.

The insider’s beliefs would be based above all on the deep commercial relationship that binds the Xbox brand to Dying Light 2the new video game from the software house that – we hope – will be launched during the year and which according to some will be a temporal exclusive of the Microsoft consoles – a bit like it will happen in a few months with Deathloop, initially arriving only on PS5.

The news spread quickly, but unlike many other studies that prefer not to comment on these rumors, the Techland community manager immediately set the record straight after being called into question: the rumors are totally false. Microsoft is therefore not in talks to buy the creators of Dying Light and its sequel, and Techland will not join the Xbox Game Studios.

As for Dying Light 2, however, the developers said a few weeks ago that at the beginning of 2021 news would arrive regarding the expected zombie-based survival. For the moment, however, all is still silent.

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