Microsoft is already working on the next consoles after Xbox Series X and Series S

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As is often the case for large companies, Microsoft is already working on next generation consoleand it is the company itself that clearly states this.

Liz Hamren, CVP of Gaming Experiences & Platforms, admitted today, on the occasion of a long speech dedicated mainly to the world of cloud gaming and the future of Xbox, that Microsoft is already working on new hardware that will be successors to the Xbox Series X and Series Sthe consoles released on the market a few months ago.

However, there is no need to worry, because some of these hardware, Hamren confirms, “Will not come to light for years”.

“The cloud is the key to our Game Pass hardware and roadmaps, but no one should think we’re slowing down the engineering of our base console. In fact, we are accelerating it “Hamren said in a video briefing shown to the press this week – we bring you quotes from

The Xbox executive then goes on to talk about the expansion of the Xbox experience, which will also be based on the creation of new hardware currently already in development:

We are already working on new hardware and platforms, some of which will not come to light for years. But even as we build for the future, we’re focused on extending the Xbox experience to more devices today, so it can reach more people.

Obviously no timeline is provided regarding these new hardware, and it is natural that this is the case. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as well as PlayStation 5, have just come out on the market, and we will hardly see the birth of the new generation of consoles before 2025/2026, if not beyond.

As already mentioned at the beginning, the news of the development of the next consoles is certainly not surprising, as large companies often work by starting to think about the future generation as soon as a console debuts on the market. It would not be surprising, therefore, if Sony also admits in the next period that it is working on PlayStation 6.

In any case, Microsoft doesn’t want to focus exclusively on consoles, and indeed wants to expand its cloud service and the accessibility of games more and more. In the same video briefing, Phil Spencer states:

If you couldn’t spend the hundreds of dollars on a console or potentially the thousands of dollars on a high-end gaming PC, you simply couldn’t meaningfully participate in the global gaming community. The cloud will allow us to completely remove these barriers to gaming, all over the world. Of course, there’s still room for consoles and PCs. And frankly, there will always be. But through the cloud, we’ll be able to deliver a robust gaming experience to anyone connected to the internet, even on less powerful and cheaper devices, even on devices that people already own.

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