Microsoft, the EU will analyze the acquisition of Bethesda in a few days

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Last September Microsoft dropped a sensational bomb, declaring itself ready to purchase Bethesda and ZeniMax Media to incorporate them into the division Xbox.

The $ 7.5 billion deal will allow Microsoft to expand on franchises such as Fallout, Wolfenstein, DOOM and The Elder Scrolls, although it is not yet clear if these series will become Xbox exclusive or if they will also arrive on other platforms – Phil Spencer he said he was still undecided about this.

Today comes a new, mandatory chapter of the maxi-acquisition. Reuters in fact reported that Microsoft has requested approval from the European Commission to receive the go-ahead for the purchase of Bethesda. In practice, the agreement will be subjected to the analysis of the antitrust of the European Union, which will decide on the matter by 5 March.

It is, as we said, a mandatory step in the case of acquisitions and that in any case should not hinder the passage of Bethesda under the banner of Xbox.

The giant is working on many titles that will arrive over the next few years. Among these, we obviously mention Starfield And The Elder Scrolls 6, perhaps the most ambitious projects planned at Bethesda studios. Furthermore, a few days ago, MachineGames (creators of Wolfenstein) and Lucasfilm Games announced that they are working on a new Indiana Jones game.

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