Miitopia lands on Switch from today

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Back today in great shape Myitopiathe original 2016 Nintendo 3DS game that is now available on Switch and Switch Lite.

Here is the Italian press release with all the details on the game.

On Nintendo Switch And Nintendo Switch Lite arrives today Myitopiathe video game dedicated to human relationships in all their forms.

First of all, friendship: union, as we know, is strength and thanks to this original videogame, players will be able to experience a fantasy adventure with a team made up of whoever they want. Whether it’s a family member, a classmate, a famous actor or a fictional character, the only limit is your imagination! All this thanks to Miithe iconic ones Nintendo avatar that allow a varied and detailed personalization of your teammates. These fun characters will develop over the course of the game different relationshipswhich players will be able to learn more about and cultivate while staying at the Island Inn of Myitopia, between one fight and another. The members of the group can in fact be placed in the same rooms in order to do evolve their friendship of course, but there are also many recreational places to explore together to deepen the relationships between them, such as coffee or cinema.

In Myitopia for Nintendo Switch, players can embark on an exhilarating, highly customizable adventure. Fans can have fun and discover the exclusive features related to the creation And customization of the Mii, creating characters from scratch who will be able to wear glamorous wigs, colorful hairstyles and show off all kinds of makeup. THE Mii they can also be easily shared with friends using a access code, so they can be used to populate another copy of the game, even in different roles. In Myitopiain fact, each character of the group that will leave on the adventure will have a very specific role, from the most classic to the most unusual: anyone who does not want to wield a sword or a stick can fight with the microphone as Pop Star or shake a pan at enemies as one Chef. Others may even want to be a cat or even a flower!

Each group member will also have a different character: depending on the personality of each, the actions in battle can differ. A kind priest can protect other characters Mii of the group, but may also want to spare enemies, while a stubborn scientist may attack twice or refuse to help. The team will also be able to count on the help of a trusty steed, who will lend help in battle and assist players by carrying out attacks on horseback.

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