MLB The Show 21 will be the first Sony-branded game to enter Xbox Game Pass

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In early February we found out that MLB The Show 21 it would arrive, quite surprisingly, even on platforms Xbox. In reality, the game will boast a further record.

MLB The Show 21 is a production of Sony San Diegoa sports game probably of niche in our country but that abroad, especially in America, always has a good success given the national interest in baseball.

For years Sony and PlayStation have been working exclusively with the MLB federation to bring licensed games, and for this reason the announcement, in February, of the landing of the game also on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, as well as on PS5 and PS4.

As if that weren’t enough, MLB The Show 21 will not only be the first PlayStation Studios game to arrive on an Xbox platform, but it will be also the first to join the Xbox Game Pass service.

Microsoft, a few hours ago, announced that MLB The Show 21 will be available from Day One within the Xbox Game Pass catalog, which means that subscribers to the service will be able to play it without spending an extra penny.

As had already been revealed previously, we remind you that the game guarantees cross-playwhich means that PlayStation and Xbox players will be able to enjoy the same game servers for multiplayer.

Despite being a title quite far from Western philosophy, that of MLB The Show 21 is a name that will go down in history. What do you think? Do you think the idea of ​​a deeper collaboration between Sony and Microsoft is closer?

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