Modern Warfare, the community is in revolt against Activision for Black Ops Cold War

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Call of Duty and Activision are in the eye of the storm. For weeks now we have been reporting problems and complaints that characterize the community, between unbalanced weapons (the nerf of the DMR 14 is causing numerous discussions, but the requests of the players are about to be finally accepted) and a clear rift between the players who have become attached or not to Black Ops Cold War. However, things have been getting worse lately.

We can say that the bulk of the controversy arose on the occasion of the integration of Treyarch’s latest shooter with the battle royale Warzone for Season 1 (afflicted by significant bugs on PC), with Modern Warfare which unfortunately seems to have been “forgotten” by Activision.

The game of Infinity Ward still has a very active community, after all we are talking about one of the chapters of the best-selling Call of Duty series ever, and players expected new content after the conclusion of MW Season 6. Content that actually did not arrive, and indeed there have been numerous controversies for the new Battle Pass (linked to Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War) which brings nothing at all for Modern Warfare players.

And the community, especially on Redditbegins to be felt heavily, with MW players who feel betrayed by Activision.

In the last 48 hours, the post you find below from the user … Well we won’t say the name given the colorful nickname, has received numerous acclaim and has involved many players from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare community, who agree with the user’s thinking. The post has a title that leaves little to the imagination, and which represents yet another controversy against Activision’s current policy: “Actively making Modern Warfare a bad experience is NOT the way to increase Cold War sales.”

We leave you an excerpt from the post on Redditin which the user in question claims that Activision is deliberately damaging the MW experience to force players to switch to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War:

Just as the title says: making MW players suffer simply to push sales to a worse experience / game (IMO) is bad strategy and doomed to fail.

It’s been bad for about a month now. […] Hackers run galore in Damascus camouflages and there’s nothing you can do about it except wait for the next game. No problems, no support or feedback from IW. And Warzone is now unplayable due to the DMR.

[…] As the new game came out, they are ACTIVELY making MW a worse experience.

The reason for such a step backwards from Modern Warfare would be caused by the underwhelming sales of Black Ops Cold War, which Activision is now trying to push through methods that the community doesn’t like:

Punishing those of us who are still playing MW just for trying to sell the next game is not only stupid, it just works against what you are trying to do.

[…] This is a great game, it still has a lot of life, don’t punish the players who spent money to play it.

The thread, as we told you, has garnered numerous acclaim – at the time of writing this news, there are 15k reactions to the post and almost 1500 comments, most of which are in favor of the user’s thinking – and testify once again that Activision has a nice potato in its hands boiling.

What do you think? Are you also convinced that Activision is damaging its previous game or do you disagree with the thought of the post?

Actively making Modern Warfare a bad experience is NOT the way to drive sales to Cold War from modernwarfare

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