Mortal Shell, a Youtuber has completed the game without taking any damage

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Mortal Shell it’s the recent one Soullike license plate Cold Symmetry hit the shelves just under a month ago. The game, like any title of the genre, is characterized by an above average difficulty. Difficulty that, however, does not seem to have worried him too much Youtuber Esoterickk. The boy has in fact completed Mortal Shell without taking damage and, we add, without wearing any casing.

This means that the Youtuber defeated every single boss without being hit and, above all, without using the skills of the casings. A noteworthy feat when you consider the extreme difficulty of the game. Obviously the good Esoterickk documented everything, creating a video for his Youtube channel which we attach at the bottom of the article.

Before concluding, we remind you that, if you would like to try your hand at this challenge, you can consult our guide to the game.

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