Naughty Dog wants Jak & Daxter 4, but is not currently working on it

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Incredible but true, Naughty Dog has not forgotten the existence of Jak & Daxter despite years of total silence. Indeed, the creators of Uncharted and The Last of Us really have the desire to return to work on the legendary series.

Speaking in a chat with Insomniac Games’ Ted Price on the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science’s Game Maker Notebook series, Evan Wells was asked if Naughty Dog continues to get requests from fans for a new Jak & Daxter game. .

“Effectively,” Wells replies. “We’ve had a couple of Twitter campaigns where people tweeted about us every single day [dicendo] ‘I want a new Jak & Daxter, I want a new Jak & Daxter’, and it’s not just plain 280-character tweets, they have Photoshop memes and everything they include on a daily basis, and the effort has to be significant.

“And I hate to tell him, but we don’t have Jak & Daxter here in development right now.”

We must put the cross over the hypothetical Jak & Daxter 4? No, not yet, because Wells himself admits that Naughty Dog still feels love for the series and that would like to work on a new chapterfollowing in the footsteps of Insomniac Games which has been able to continue (and with excellent results, we add) the long-lived saga of Ratchet & Clank since the days of PS2.

We still love the characters and I see what you guys do [di Insomniac] you are doing with Ratchet and that makes me wish we did, and we would have one in development, because there is still a lot of love for Jak & Daxter in the studio.

The saga of Jak & Daxter has been out of sight for a long time now. If we do not consider the two remastered of 2012 and 2017, we have not had a new game in the series in our hands for 12 years.

In 2016, some concepts of Jak & Daxter 4 emerged on the net, but Naughty Dog immediately cooled the fans: the leaked images were old prototypes for a hypothetical new game of the series on PS3, then shelved to create a brand new IP titled The Last of Us. You know very well how this story goes.

Will Jak and trusted friend Daxter be back? Some rumors last year suggested that Bluepoint Games had been put to work on remakes of the series trilogy, but we haven’t heard from since. Would you like a return of Crash Bandicoot’s iconic N. Sane Trilogy-style duo?

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