Netflix surprise announces Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, Leon and Claire the protagonists!

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The union between Netflix and Capcom will continue, with a very curious and already highly anticipated project and, once again, dedicated to the world of video games.

After having already successfully adapted Castlevania into an animated series – which was also followed by Dragon’s Dogma, which instead is a failure on all fronts – the streaming giant presents an unprecedented CG project dedicated to perhaps the most famous series of the Japanese company , Resident Evil.

This is not the already announced live action TV series, which will have 8 episodes and which will be set in the city of New Raccoon City, for which it is not yet clear if and what connections there will be with the narrative universe of the videogame series. The launch period for this series has not yet been announced.

Yesterday evening, Netflix unveiled the reveal trailer of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a curious and unexpected CG video that takes us back to the gloomy atmospheres of the horror brand and which also brings two well-known faces back on stage. In the video, released a few hours ago by the Portuguese division of Netflix, we can in fact see Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy, in their versions that we found in 2019 with the excellent remake of Resident Evil 2.

For the moment we know very little about this project, to say nothing. Infinite Darkness seems to be a product, unlike the live action TV series, extremely linked to the narrative universe of the video games of the series, but at the moment it is very difficult to make even simple hypotheses on the scope of the project, the temporal setting and its location within the inside the franchise.

However, the impression is that the announcement came due to a programming error: Netflix Portugal in fact removed the tweet shortly after, and also proceeded to remove the trailer reloaded by users on YouTube.

Of course, we will not fail to update you on the news regarding this mysterious Netflix project.

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