New gameplay sequences in the new Returnal video

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With the game entering the Gold phase, the time for the debut of the game is getting closer and closer Returnalnew PS5 exclusive developed by Housemarque scheduled for April 30th.

The developers have therefore decided to publish a new video dedicated to the creation of Returnalwhich also shows some unreleased gameplay sequences.

We remind you that, as the boys of Housemarque tell in the video you find below, Returnal is a particular sci-fi roguelike in which we will play Selene, a space explorer who ended up on a mysterious alien planet in which the surrounding environment changes with each death.

Here is the description of the game via PS Store:

After an emergency landing on an ever-changing alien planet, Selene must fight with all her might to survive. Repeatedly defeated, each time she is forced to restart her journey from the beginning.

In this roguelike shooter, the planet and your gear change with each new cycle, forcing you to adapt your play style and face ever-changing challenges.

Face enemies in last-shot battles.
Take advantage of alien technologies to improve your skills.
Connect with the planet and reconstruct Selene’s story.

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