New Killzone for PS5? Bad news: the website has been closed, the series is now dead

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Only a few months ago, in October, there was talk of a possible new chapter in the series Killzone in development for PlayStation 5, a rumor that, however, has not found any response in the following months. Not only that: in the light of what has happened in these hours, it seems that the indiscretion was totally wrong, and that the shooter series is now dead and gone

Guerrilla Games is focused on one of the heavyweights in the PlayStation line-up for this year, namely Horizon: Forbidden West. Sequel to Zero Dawn, the 2017 game that has depopulated and relaunched the software house after a shaky debut on PS4 with Killzone: Shadow Fall, Forbidden West is naturally one of the most anticipated games by the Sony community, as we have also mentioned in our list exclusives to follow closely for 2021.

The project is colossal, but will there also be room for a new Killzone? Is Guerrilla secretly preparing a possible surprise? The answer to both questions seems to be a sharp “No”, and indeed it seems that the FPS series has been abandoned not only by Guerrilla but by all PlayStation Studios.

As he first reported VGC, Guerrilla has in fact closed the official site of Killzonewhich now features just a warning page with a message and then forwards visitors to, the website of Sony’s gaming brand.

With the closure of the Killzone site not only are some features of Shadow Fall closed – through the website it was possible to create and manage the clans of the shooter, launched just over 7 years ago, even if the multiplayer sector is still playable – but it seems also arrive a sad tombstone on one of the best known and most important IPs in the history of PlayStation.

In fact, the message reports the following warning:

Dear visitors of,
The official website of the Killzone franchise closes its doors. Visitors from now on will be redirected to
While this change does not affect the multiplayer modes, stats and data of Killzone Mercenary and Killzone: Shadow Fall, it is now no longer possible to create or manage KSF clans. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thanks to the many fans and visitors of over the years for their enthusiasm and support.

It therefore seems that we will have to put a cross over the Killzone franchise, protagonist on several occasions in the history of PlayStation and which has touched numerous platforms, from home ones (from PS2 to PS4) to portable ones – the site mentions the excellent spin- off Killzone Mercenary for PS Vita, one of the best titles for Sony’s battered handheld console.

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