NieR: Automata and Replicant exceed 7 million copies sold!

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The teacher Yoko Taro managed to hit the mark again! Both NieR: Automata and the new NieR: Replicant have swept up sales among fans (and non-fans) of the series.

The two titles, in fact, sold a total of 7 million copies. In particular 6 million for NieR: Automata and one million for NieR: Replicant, which, however, has only been released for 2 months, so this is already an excellent result.

Moreover, after the huge success of Automata it was to be expected that his prequel would have received the same treatment, after all, the world of NieR is as fascinating as it is dangerous, so dead and yet so full of hope, which is why it’s so easy to be enchanted.

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