Nintendo Japan sets the rules: streaming of its E3 2021 conference banned

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The Japanese division of Nintendo he opted for a decision of no small importance, but apparently with the aim of attracting attention to official channels.

Later today, June 15th, Nintendo will broadcast its Direct for E3 this year, which was followed by a long appointment on Treehouse to see more gameplay of the games shown.

Ahead of the event, the Kyoto-based gaming company has issued a request that it is having discussions on its Japanese Twitter account: it will be forbidden to stream the presentation.

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“Please refrain from mirroring Nintendo Direct movies and sounds during the Nintendo Direct livestream”Yes reads in the tweet, which you can see below. Nintendo will allow simultaneous viewing (reactions, in practice) without mirroring and therefore without streaming of sounds or movies. The only broadcasts allowed, therefore, will be those with the face of the streamer, without the latter being able to insert, even only in a box, the E3 2021 conference.

Once finished the presentationNintendo has authorized the uploading of the clips but also warns to limit the use of movies and sounds according to the guidelines previously issued by the company.

It is difficult to understand the reason for this decision, even if we must remember that Nintendo is always very careful to protect its image and its contents.

In the meantime, we remind you that tonight you will find all the updates in real time from the Nintendo Direct of E3 2021.

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